Chuanwei Xu

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It is important to develop a communication-efficient solution to manage data distribution modeling in an environmental sensor system supported by a clustered structure of the network. Thus, sensor networks present significant systems challenges involving the use of large numbers of resource-constrained nodes operating essentially unattended and exposed to(More)
Objective: This research aimed to explore the curative effect of noninvasive ventilation in the treatment of children Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS). Methods: From Nov 2015-2016, 70 children OSAS patients in Binzhou People’s Hospital were selected as the study subjects and were randomly divided into surgery group (n=35) and ventilation group(More)
In the context of cloud computing, Mobile Data Integration Platform is put forward, on this basis, we first study on SORE (Simplied Object Repository) system of heterogeneous data integration based on CORBA. Furthermore, by virtue of the design of Heterogeneous Data Source Wrapper, this paper introduces an ontology based distributed information integration(More)
In recent years, with the mobile device starting to carry sensors, the spatial data grows rapidly in the cloud. How to effectively store and query big spatial data to improve the ability of spatial data processing becomes a core problem of the big data era. This paper proposed a version of improving indexing mechanism, the parallelization grid index, by(More)
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