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The rapid growth in the development of healthcare information systems has led to an increased interest in utilizing the patient Electronic Health Records (EHR) for assisting disease diagnosis and phenotyping. The patient EHRs are generally longitudinal and naturally represented as medical event sequences, where the events include clinical notes, problems,(More)
Advances in GPS tracking technology have enabled us to install GPS tracking devices in city taxis to collect a large amount of GPS traces under operational time constraints. These GPS traces provide unparallel opportunities for us to uncover taxi driving fraud activities. In this paper, we develop a taxi driving fraud detection system, which is able to(More)
Sequential pattern analysis targets on finding statistically relevant temporal structures where the values are delivered in a sequence. With the growing complexity of real-world dynamic scenarios, more and more symbols are often needed to encode a meaningful sequence. This is so-called 'curse of cardinality', which can impose significant challenges to the(More)
The popularity information in App stores, such as chart rankings, user ratings, and user reviews, provides an unprecedented opportunity to understand user experiences with mobile Apps, learn the process of adoption of mobile Apps, and thus enables better mobile App services. While the importance of popularity information is well recognized in the(More)
Rapid growth in the development of real-time location system solutions has led to an increased interest in indoor location-aware services, such as hospital asset management. Although there are extensive studies in the literature on the analysis of outdoor location traces, the studies of indoor location traces are less touched and fragmented. To that end, in(More)
Hypergraph partitioning has been considered as a promising method to address the challenges of high-dimensional clustering. With objects modeled as vertices and the relationship among objects captured by the hyperedges, the goal of graph partitioning is to minimize the edge cut. Therefore, the definition of hyperedges is vital to the clustering performance.(More)
Optimal planning for public transportation is one of the keys to sustainable development and better quality of life in urban areas. Compared to private transportation, public transportation uses road space more efficiently and produces fewer accidents and emissions. In this paper, we focus on the identification and optimization of flawed bus routes to(More)
The emergence of social networks has provided opportunities for both targeted marketing and viral marketing. By concentrating the efforts on a few key customers, targeted marketing could make the promotion of the items (products) much easier and more cost-effective. On the other hand, viral marketing aims at finding a set of individuals (seeds) to maximize(More)
In this paper, we introduce a stochastic unsupervised learning method that was used in the 2011 Unsupervised and Transfer Learning (UTL) challenge. This method is developed to preprocess the data that will be used in the subsequent classification problems. Specifically, it performs K-means clustering on principal components instead of raw data to remove the(More)