Chuanmei Wang

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The paper focuses on implementation of association pattern between the network performances and the general network faults. We use network simulation tool, OPNET, to accomplish network simulations of different network faults and different situations based on VoIP. Network performance parameters such as end-to-end delay, jitter, traffic dropped, queuing(More)
By now, the study of customer satisfaction alarm system is little, and most of the existing study was qualitative or short of mathematical analysis. The study of mobile commerce customer satisfaction alarm system was shorter, and the mobile communication user satisfaction alarm system was not found. Based on the expatiation of mobile customer satisfaction,(More)
This paper aims to analyze and evaluate the factors affecting road safety. Based on the main influence: people, vehicles, roads and management, using Structural Equation Model (SEM) principles, the Road Safety Structure Model (RSSM) was established. In this article, not only the factors that affect urban road safety were assessed based on the structural(More)
Each curve belongs to a multivariate nonparametric regression model, and many shape-invariant curves form a curve family connected with a reference curve by some parameters. Curve drift models can be built to forecast many curves in practice. In this paper, we put forward the multivariate nonparametric regression mental curve drift model after our study of(More)
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