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—The traditional centralized load balancing had a relatively low reliability, and the distributed load balancing had a huge overhead. To solve these problems, this paper mapped heterogeneous wireless networks to distributed grids by introducing Resource Management Unit, and then presented a hierarchical semi-centralized architecture for load balancing of(More)
Residues of hexachlorohexanes isomers (HCHs) and dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane and metabolites (DDTs) in the soils and sediments of Dayanghan Wetland in Wuhu, China were investigated. The concentrations of ΣHCH in soils and sediments averaged 1.35 and 3.77 μg/kg with the predominance of β-HCH and δ-HCH, respectively. The concentrations of ΣDDT in soils(More)
We report the synthesis and characterization of dendritic thiophene derivatives with their unique supramolecular assembly into 2-D crystals, nanowires, and nanoparticle aggregates. The structure and size of the dendrons and dendrimers have been confirmed with various techniques, such as NMR, SEC, and MALDI-TOF-MS. The mass values were consistent with the(More)
A MHC6 complex of a platinum group metal with a capped octahedral arrangement of donor atoms around the metal center has been characterized. This osmium compound OsH{κ(2) -C,C-(PhBIm-C6 H4 )}3 , which reacts with HBF4 to afford the 14 e(-) species [Os{κ(2) -C,C-(PhBIm-C6 H4 )}(Ph2 BIm)2 ]BF4 stabilized by two agostic interactions, has been obtained by(More)
Various free radical surface initiated polymerization (SIP) conditions were investigated on clay nanoparticles coated with monocationic 2,2'-azobisisobutyronitrile (AIBN) type free radical initiators. Interesting differences in the mechanism of polymer nanocomposite product formation and the role of nanoparticle surface bound AIBN initiators were observed(More)
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