Chuanjun Ren

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Crowd stampedes and evacuation induced by panic caused by emergences often lead to fatalities as people are crushed, injured, trampled or even dead. Such phenomena may be triggered in life-threatening situations such as fires, explosions in crowded buildings. Emergency evacuation simulation has recently attracted the interest of a rapidly increasing number(More)
Insects build architecturally complex nests and search for remote food by collaboration work despite their limited sensors, minimal individual intelligence and the lack of a central control system. Insets’ collaborations emerge as a response of the individual insects to Stigmergy. A sign-based model of Stigmergy to discuss collaboration is proposed(More)
Stigmergy is widely used in MAS. However, its specific meaning has not been fully developed yet; it varies from different view. In this paper, we picked up ldquosignrdquo as a key notion to understand it. Sign is given by agents, represented by environment, and sensed by others. Therefore, sign is the link of all the components in a stigmergic MAS. Based on(More)
The modeling and simulation on evacuation has recently become a topic of great interest. We present an agent-based model to construct crowd evacuations for emergency response from an area under an explosion. Various types of agents are designed as well as the interactions of them are concerned in contrast to traditional models in which the total populations(More)
In order to improve the efficiency of the communication networks, we used the Kruskal algorithm and the Prim algorithm through algorithm comparison and analysis methods of data structure. A dynamic framework for the communication network installed system is built. Moreover, according to the actual framework of the communication network specific issues, the(More)
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