Chuanjiang Wang

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Disruption of Wnt signaling often happens in tumorigenesis, but whether Wnt signaling affects the early stages of thyroid tumor, such as papillary thyroid carcinoma, is still a question, especially in the papillary thyroid carcinoma without genomic RET/PTC mutation. In this study, we demonstrated the important function of Wnt signaling in papillary thyroid(More)
Background Sepsis is newly defined as life-threatening organ dysfunction caused by a dysregulated host response to infection with a high mortality rate and limited effective treatments. The role of interleukin 36α (IL-36α) in host response during sepsis remains unknown. Methods An experimental sepsis model of cecal ligation and puncture was established to(More)
INTRODUCTION Phlegmasia cerulea dolens is a rare condition caused by complete venous occlusion leading to impaired arterial flow. To prevent progression to limb gangrene, prompt diagnosis and treatment initiation are paramount. Here we report a rare case of posttraumatic phlegmasia cerulea dolens after ligation of the iliac vein to save the patient's life,(More)
Rac GTPase activating protein 1 (RacGAP1) can regulate cytokinesis and cell differentiation. The oncogenic role of RacGAP1 has been partially studied in gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, and breast cancer. In the present study, we endeavor to evaluate its expression and functions in epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC). We retrospectively collected the(More)
In this paper, we give some convergence results on the gradient projection method with exact stepsize rule for solving the minimization problem with convex constraints. Especially, we show that if the objective function is convex and its gradient is Lipschitz continuous, then the whole sequence of iterations produced by this method with bounded exact(More)
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