Chuanhong Zhao

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An isolated three-port bidirectional dc-dc converter composed of three full-bridge cells and a high-frequency transformer is proposed in this paper. Besides the phase shift control managing the power flow between the ports, utilization of the duty cycle control for optimizing the system behavior is discussed and the control laws ensuring the minimum overall(More)
Recently, the world’s first ever power electronic traction transformer (PETT) for a 15-kV 16.7-Hz railway grid has been newly developed, commissioned, and installed on the test locomotive, where the PETT is presently in use. The design and development of the PETT are described in two parts of this paper. The details related to the 1.2-MVA medium voltage(More)
Nowadays, power electronic transformers (PETs) are under consideration in various applications since PETs offer several advantages over traditional low-frequency transformers, including reduced weight and energy saving. This paper describes the practical design and implementation of a modular PET demonstrator, which is to be installed in a test locomotive(More)
A power electronic transformer converter made of cascaded multiple cells with a medium frequency link can replace the bulky traditional transformer in various applications with several advantages, including reduced size and weight, and energy savings. This paper describes the design of a 1.2MW power electronic transformer (PET) demonstrator for traction(More)
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