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SUMOsp: a web server for sumoylation site prediction
We present a computational system SUMOsp—SUMOylation Sites Prediction, based on a manually curated dataset, integrating the results of two methods, GPS and MotifX, which were originally designed for phosphorylation site prediction. Expand
Crosslinkers and Motors Organize Dynamic Microtubules to Form Stable Bipolar Arrays in Fission Yeast
Microtubule (MT) nucleation not only occurs from centrosomes, but also in large part from dispersed nucleation sites. The subsequent sorting of short MTs into networks like the mitotic spindleExpand
Stabilization of PML nuclear localization by conjugation and oligomerization of SUMO-3
The PML gene of acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) encodes a cell-growth and tumor suppressor. PML localizes to discrete nuclear bodies (NBs) that are disrupted in APL cells, resulting from aExpand
Phospho-regulated interaction between kinesin-6 Klp9p and microtubule bundler Ase1p promotes spindle elongation.
The spindle midzone-composed of antiparallel microtubules, microtubule-associated proteins (MAPs), and motors-is the structure responsible for microtubule organization and sliding during anaphase B.Expand
Mitotic Regulator Mis18β Interacts with and Specifies the Centromeric Assembly of Molecular Chaperone Holliday Junction Recognition Protein (HJURP)*
Background: HJURP is a molecular chaperone essential for the deposition of the centromere marker CENP-A. Results: Mis18β binds with and specifies the centromere localization of HJURP. Conclusion:Expand
PLK1 Phosphorylates Mitotic Centromere-associated Kinesin and Promotes Its Depolymerase Activity*
During cell division, interaction between kinetochores and dynamic spindle microtubules governs chromosome movements. The microtubule depolymerase mitotic centromere-associated kinesin (MCAK) is aExpand
PRC1 Cooperates with CLASP1 to Organize Central Spindle Plasticity in Mitosis*
During cell division, chromosome segregation is governed by the interaction of spindle microtubules with the kinetochore. A dramatic remodeling of interpolar microtubules into an organized centralExpand
Dynamic localization of Mps1 kinase to kinetochores is essential for accurate spindle microtubule attachment
Significance The spindle assembly checkpoint (SAC) works as a surveillance mechanism to ensure accurate segregation of genetic materials during cell division. Protein kinase monopolar spindle 1Expand
Nek2A kinase regulates the localization of numatrin to centrosome in mitosis
Chromosome segregation in mitosis is orchestrated by the kinetochore and spindle microtubules stemming from two centrosomes. Our recent studies demonstrated the importance of Nek2A in faithfulExpand
Human Yip1A specifies the localization of Yif1 to the Golgi apparatus.
Yip1p and Yif1p are essential for transport from ER to Golgi stack during the early secretory pathway in budding yeast. Here, we report the identification and characterization of human Yif1. SequenceExpand