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In a decentralized attribute-based encryption (ABE) system, any party can act as an authority by creating a public key and issuing private keys to different users that reflect their attributes without any collaboration. Such an ABE scheme can eliminate the burden of heavy communication and collaborative computation in the setup phase of multiauthority ABE(More)
A fast handover authentication scheme is essential to seamless services for delaysensitive applications in wireless networks. User privacy is a notable issue which should be considered in secure communications. This paper proposes a new privacy-aware handover authentication scheme. The proposed scheme achieves user privacy with good performance.
In this paper, we present a new construction of expressive attribute-based signature scheme which is proven existentially unforgeable in the standard model for the selective adversary. In addition, this scheme can also achieve perfect privacy, which means the signature reveals nothing about the identity or attribute information about the real signer.(More)
Recently, Dario Fiore and Rosario Gennaro proposed the IB-KA protocol, which was inspired by MQV protocol. They provide a full proof of security of IB-KA protocol using techniques developed by Krawczyk in the Canetti-Krawczyk model. They designed the IB-KA protocol with some security properties such as perfect forward secrecy, reflection attack resilience,(More)