Chuangming Tong

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This paper aims at simulating the multipath effect of EM scattering from low altitude target above large scale complex ocean surface. The complexity is reflected by the composite description of both large scale profile and small roughness structures of the ocean surface model. The scattering from ocean surface is calculated by a Modified Facet-based Two(More)
—When particle swarm optimization (PSO) technique is used for the inverse scattering problems it will take unbearably long time for the final solution, especially when the PSO algorithm traps into the premature convergence. To overcome this problem a hybrid multi-phased particle swarm optimization algorithm (HMPPSO) is proposed. By adopting the small swarm(More)
In this paper, an optimal simultaneous extrapolation algorithm of electromagnetic responses in time and frequency domains using Laguerre expansions is adopted to calculate the electromagnetic responses of medium cylinders excited by linearly polarized wave with a Gaussian profile in time. By using an optimization algorithm, the expansion order and scaling(More)
In the low grazing angle (LGA) incidence problem of rough surface, the surface length must be long enough which corresponds to a large matrix's dimension. If the method of moment is used directly, the computational speed will be very slow. In this paper, the banded matrix iterative approach\ canonical grid method (BMIA\CAG) combined with MOM is applied to(More)
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