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OBJECTIVE To explore different frequency electroacupuncture in acupuncture-drug compound anesthesia on analgesic effect and immune function in the pulmonary resection patients in order to recommend the best electroacupuncture frequency in acupuncture-drug compound anesthesia. METHODS One hundred and sixty-three patients scheduled for pneumonectomy were(More)
Gastrointestinal (GI) tract perforation is one of the most severe acute abdomens. In clinical practice, abdominal x-ray plain film remains the first-line diagnostic modality for this entity. A proportion of the perforated patients, however, do not exhibit a classic x ray sign: free air at the subphrenic area. This insufficiency can bring difficulties to the(More)
OBJECTIVE To research on the main pattern of hepatic cells death during hepatic ischemia/ reperfusion (I/R) injury in cirrhotic rat. METHODS Cirrhotic rat model was established by carbon tetrachloride replication. These rats were randomly divided into sham operation group and I/R group. In the I/R group, 70% i/R injury model was established and then the(More)
CONTEXT The defatted seeds of Camellia oleifera var. monosperma Hung T. Chang (Theaceae) are currently discarded without effective utilization. However, sapogenin has been isolated and shows antioxidative, anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities suggestive of its neuroprotective function. OBJECTIVE In order to improve the activities of sapogenin, the(More)
AIMS Portal vein ligation (PVL) has been used to effectively increase future liver remnant (FLR) in hepatectomy for treatment of liver cancer. However, the underlying molecular mechanisms have not been well characterized. The present study aimed to determine expression of hypoxia inducible factor-1alpha (HIF-1α) in response to PVL and assess the correlation(More)
Polyadenylation [poly(A)] of mRNA is a critical step during gene expression, which plays an important role in the termination of transcription. Prediction of poly(A) sites can help identify 3' ends of genes and improve genome annotation. Due to the limited knowledge of poly(A) signals in plants, predictive modeling of poly(A) sites in agricultural crops(More)
OBJECTIVE To verify the analgesic effect of acupuncture compound anesthesia in functionality nasal endoscopic sinus surgery (FNES). METHODS Ninety patients undergoing FNES were randomly divided into three groups. Group A was treated with routine local anesthesia, and group B and C were treated with electroacupuncture at Yintang (EX-HN 3) and Yingxiang (LI(More)
The [(dppe)RhCl]-catalysed ring expansion of 2-methylbenzocyclobutenone has been proposed to occur by C-C oxidative addition to rhodaindanone, β-hydride elimination, hydrorhodation and C-C reductive elimination. DFT calculations [IEFPCM(1,4-dioxane, 383.15 K)/PBE0/DGDZVP level of theory] here confirm this mechanism. As proposed, oxidative addition into(More)
This study was conducted in order to investigate the effects of polymyxin B (PMB) against hepatic ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury in rats with obstructive jaundice. Thirty-six Wistar rats (eighteen each) with induced hepatic I/R injury by biliary tract ligation and recanalization were assigned to a control group (reperfused with normal saline) and a PMB(More)
Cobra neurotoxin (CNT), a peptide isolated from snake venom of Naja naja atra, shows central analgesic effects in our previous research. In order to help CNT pass through blood-brain barrier (BBB) and improve its central analgesic effects, a new kind of CNT nanocapsules were prepared by double emulsification with soybean lecithin and cholesterol as the(More)