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Rice restorer lines play an important role in three-line hybrid rice production. Previous research based on molecular tagging has suggested that the restorer lines used widely today have narrow genetic backgrounds. However, patterns of genetic variation at a genome-wide scale in these restorer lines remain largely unknown. The present study performed(More)
The concept of memory is due to the fact that the magnetization level of permanent magnets (PMs) in the motor can be easily regulated by a temporary dc current pulse and then be memorized automatically. By incorporating this concept into the hybrid-field doubly salient PM (DSPM) motor, the resulting dc-excited memory motor can offer effective and efficient(More)
For the blindness in initialization of particle swarm optimization algorithm and the phenomenon of premature occurred in the course of evolution, a new algorithm is proposed in this paper: blind detection algorithm based on adaptive chaotic particle swarm optimization. The performance simulation shows that, using of randomness and ergodicity of chaos, the(More)
One of the main challenges of all-solid-state Li-ion batteries is the restricted power density due to the poor Li-ion transport between the electrodes via the electrolyte. However, to establish what diffusional process is the bottleneck for Li-ion transport requires the ability to distinguish the various processes. The present work investigates the Li-ion(More)
Kinetochores are large proteinaceous structure on the surface of chromosomes’ primary constriction during mitosis. They link chromosomes to spindle microtubules and also regulate the spindle assembly checkpoint, which is crucial for correct chromosome segregation in all eukaryotes. The better known core networks of kinetochores include the KMN network (K,(More)
Due to the worldwide prevalence of antibiotic resistant strains, phages therapy has been revitalized recently. In this study, an Enterococcus faecium phage named IME-EFm5 was isolated from hospital sewage. Whole genomic sequence analysis demonstrated that IME-EFm5 belong to the Siphoviridae family, and has a double-stranded genome of 42,265bp (with a 35.51%(More)
At present, many of China's rural farmland irrigation systems have some shortcoming. In this paper, the traditional control method of irrigation has been made some improvements. The traditional irrigation meter controller carries on the sampling to the outlet pressure of main pipe in the pipe network and adopts the traditional PID to control water pressure.(More)
By redefining multiplier associated with inequality constraint as a positive definite function of the originally-defined multiplier, u<sup>2</sup> <sub>j</sub> ,i = 1,2, ----, m, say, the nonnegative constraints imposed on inequality constraints in Karush-Kuhn-Tucker necessary conditions are removed completely. Hence it is no longer necessary to convert(More)
A hybrid filtering approach is proposed for satellite attitude determination, which may furnish an optimal estimate of the state vector in the case where the measuring systems are composed of dissimilar types of multi-sensors with different sampling frequencies. Obviously, the no uniform sampling may be regarded as its special case. Then, a six-dimensional(More)