Chuanfeng Zhu

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To assess the toxicity of copper nanoparticles (23.5 nm) in vivo, LD(50), morphological changes, pathological examinations and blood biochemical indexes of experimental mice are studied comparatively with micro-copper particles (17 microm) and cupric ions (CuCl(2).2H(2)O). The LD(50) for the nano-, micro-copper particles and cupric ions exposed to mice via(More)
Salt stress is known to reduce root hydraulic conductivity and growth. To examine a concomitant regulation of aquaporins, the expression of the maize MIP gene family in response to NaCl was analysed by DNA array hybridization. Plants responded differentially to 100 versus 200 mM NaCl treatments. Leaf water content was reduced rapidly and persistently after(More)
We investigated whether multi-hydroxyl metallofullerenes can penetrate into erythrocyte and whether this potential transmembrane delivery requires aggregated nanostructure of these particles. The metal atom encapsulated in metallofullerenes was used as a quantitative marker to investigate body distribution of aggregated nanoparticles in cytomembrane and(More)
Under saline conditions, an optimal cell water balance, possibly mediated by aquaporins, is important to maintain the whole-plant water status. Furthermore, excessive accumulation of boric acid in the soil solution can be observed in saline soils. In this work, the interaction between salinity and excess boron with respect to the root hydraulic conductance(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the histologic changes in zygomatic suture with 3-dimensional (3D) zygomatic suture expansion osteogenesis (SEO). STUDY DESIGN The zygomatic bones were drawn by 3D external expansion appliance, and sutures of the zygomatic were extended. Biopsy specimens of the zygomatic bone were collected after 1, 3, 5, and 8 weeks. Each specimen(More)
Aptamers are a new class of synthetic DNA/RNA oligonucleotides generated from in vitro selection to selectively bind with various molecules. Due to their molecular recognition capability for proteins, aptamers are becoming promising reagents in protein detection and new drug development. In this study, the specific interaction between the protein(More)
By using atomic force microscope (AFM), the topography and function of the plasmalemma surface of the isolated protoplasts from winter wheat mesophyll cells were observed, and compared with dead protoplasts induced by dehydrating stress. The observational results revealed that the plasma membrane of living protoplasts was in a state of polarization. Lipid(More)
In this study, poly (lactide-co-glycolide) (PLGA) films were treated by oxygen plasma. The surface structure, topography and surface chemistry of treated PLGA films were characterized by contact angle measurement, scanning electron microscope observation, atomic force microscopy, and X-ray photoelectron spectrum analysis. The cell affinity of the oxygen(More)