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Bone morphogenetic protein 7 (BMP7) has neuroprotective effects against ischemia, oxidation stress, and lipopolysaccharide, but its role on amyloid-beta (Aβ)-induced neurotoxicity in Alzheimer's disease (AD) and the underlying mechanisms remain unclear. In this study, we exposed PC12 cells to Aβ25-35 for 26 h to induce neurotoxicity, and added exogenous(More)
The PTGDR gene has been suggested to be an asthma susceptibility gene in previous genome-wide linkage studies as well as in functional studies in a mouse model of asthma. Recently, promoter polymorphisms of the PTGDR gene have been reported to be associated with asthma in American and European populations. In order to determine the association of PTGDR(More)
Deletions of the long arm of chromosome 11 (11q) have been noted in primary neuroblastomas, but a comprehensive analysis has not been performed. Therefore, we analysed 331 neuroblastomas (295 sporadic, 15 familial and 21 tumor-derived cell lines) to determine the prevalence of 11q allelic deletions, to map the location of a putative tumor suppressor gene(More)
(2007) Lmx1b is essential for Fgf8 and Wnt1 expression in the isthmic organizer during tectum and cerebellum development in mice. Development 134: 317-325. (2007) Long latency of evoked quantal transmitter release from somata of locus coeruleus neurons in rat pontine slices. Proc. (2007) Differential roles of NR2A-and NR2B-containing NMDA receptors in(More)
Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is the major inhibitory neurotransmitter in the mammalian brain. Once released, it is removed from the extracellular space by cellular uptake catalyzed by GABA transporter proteins. Four GABA transporters (GAT1, GAT2, GAT3 and BGT1) have been identified. Inhibition of the GAT1 by the clinically available anti-epileptic drug(More)
AIMS To discover novel naturally occurring xylitol producing yeast species with potential for industrial applications. METHODS AND RESULTS Exactly 274 strains were cultivated on both solid and liquid screening medium with xylose as the sole carbon resource. Five strains were selected on the basis of significant growth and high degree of xylose(More)
Most tumor cells depend upon activation of the ribonucleoprotein enzyme telomerase for telomere maintenance and continual proliferation. The catalytic activity of this enzyme can be reconstituted in vitro with the RNA (hTR) and catalytic (hTERT) subunits. However, catalytic activity alone is insufficient for the full in vivo function of the enzyme. In(More)
Biodegradable poly-lactic acid (PLA)--based composites reinforced unidirectionally with high-strength magnesium alloy wires (MAWs) are fabricated by a heat-compressing process and the mechanical properties and degradation behavior are studied experimentally and theoretically. The composites possess improved strengthening and toughening properties. The(More)
As part of an ongoing investigation of human mast cell heterogeneity, we have isolated, partially purified, and characterized the uterine mast cell and compared it with mast cells isolated from other organs. The average histamine content of myometrium and leiomyofibroma obtained from hysterectomies was 2.1 +/- 0.3 (mean +/- SEM) microgram/g of tissue (n =(More)
BACKGROUND Growing evidence suggests that protease activated receptors (PARs) are mediators of persistent neuropathic pain, but their possible function as mediators in patients with post infectious irritable bowel syndrome (PI-IBS) remains to be further explored. This article aims to investigate the expression of PAR(2) and PAR(4) in the colonic mucosa of(More)