Chuanbiao Zhang

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Pyrophosphate ion (PPi) release during transcription elongation is a signature step in each nucleotide addition cycle. The kinetics and energetics of the process as well as how it proceeds with substantial conformational changes of the polymerase complex determine the mechano-chemical coupling mechanism of the transcription elongation. Here we investigated(More)
A fiber extrinsic Fabry-Pérot interferometer (EFPI) assisted with iron V-groove for temperature measurement is proposed and investigated by means of both numerical simulation and experiment for the first time to our best knowledge. The main temperature sensing component is acted by the iron V-groove whose coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE) is(More)
It has been a long-standing and intriguing issue to develop robust methods to identify metastable states and interstate transitions from simulations or experimental data to understand the functional conformational changes of proteins. It is usually hard to define the complicated boundaries of the states in the conformational space using most of the existing(More)
This paper studies the bending effects on segmented cladding fibers (SCFs) in detail. Rod-type SCFs have offered large effective mode areas (EMAs) very successfully. The low-index segments in the design also enable the optical fibers to be bend-resistant. In this paper, the bending performance of the SCFs has been investigated by using the finite element(More)
With the rapidly development of the economic, environmental problem has become one of the most prominent problems of the society. Lake water environmental problem became more and more serious, and it had seriously effect on human health and the socio-economic sustainable development. It is a key project to find a more effective way of water pollution(More)
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