Chuan-ming Yu

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BACKGROUND The development of environmentally friendly and novel structural pesticides is now an area of intense research in the agriculture field. Spirocyclic tetronic acids such as spiromesifen are typical compounds of this kind. In order to discover novel compounds with improved and broader-spectrum insecticidal activities, a series of spiromesifen(More)
In the title compound, C(28)H(31)ClO(4), the five-membered cyclo-pentyl ring displays an envelope conformation with the atom at the flap position 0.519 (3) Å out of the mean plane formed by the other four atoms. The furan ring makes dihedral angles of 72.9 (1) and 82.4 (1)°, respectively, with the trimethyl- and chloro-phenyl rings. The dihedral angle(More)
In the title compound, C(24)H(24)O(4), a derivative of the potent insecticide and miticide spiro-mesifen, one cyclo-pentane C atom is disordered over two positions with occupancies of 0.574 (12) and 0.426 (12), resulting in respective envelope and twisted conformations for the cyclo-pentane ring. The atom at the flap position is 0.620 (5) Å out of the mean(More)
In the title compound, C(17)H(16)Cl(2)O(4), the cyclo-hexyl ring displays a chair conformation [the four C atoms are planar with a mean deviation of 0.001 (2) Å and the two C atoms at the flap positions deviate by 0.625 (2) and -0.680 (2) Å from the plane]. The furan ring is planar with a mean deviation of 0.004 (2) Å and forms a dihedral angle of 46.73(More)
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