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OBJECTIVE Despite the causes for melanin increase, the increased gene expression of TYR is a common pathological process. Based on this viewpoint, antisense-S-Oligo of TYR was designed and synthesized to regulate synthesis of melanin in order to explore the treatment for skin pigmentation. METHODS The cultured melanocytes were divided into 3 groups. The(More)
OBJECTIVE A reversed superficial temporal artery auricular flap was presented to explore a new method for reconstructing the defects of the distal nose by microsurgical techniques. METHODS A reversed superficial temporal artery auricular flap had been used on fifteen patients with nasal defects, including thirteen patients with alar defects and two(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the expression of activin A (ACT A) and transforming growth factor-beta 1 (TGF-beta 1) during mandibular lengthening and elucidate the difference between the role of ACT A and TGF-beta 1 during mandibular distraction osteogenesis. METHOD Skeletally mature white new zealand rabbits were established right mandibular distraction(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate a novel method to differentiate hemangioma from vascular malformation, to stage hemangiomas and to monitor the efficacy of management for hemangioma. METHODS The urinary basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) concentration of 144 cases (including 69 cases of proliferating hemangiomas, 41 cases of involuting hemangiomas, 23 cases of(More)
OBJECTIVE To repair the whole auricular defects with implant-plasty and prosthesis technique. The indications, complications and implant sites of this method were discussed. METHODS In reconstruction of the whole auricular defect, the self-developed pure titanium implants, specialized for plastic surgery, were used for intra-osseous fixation for retaining(More)
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