Chuan-Yu Chang

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Physicians usually diagnose the pathology of the thyroid gland by its volume. However, even if the thyroid glands are found and the shapes are hand-marked from ultrasound (US) images, most physicians still depend on computed tomography (CT) images, which are expensive to obtain, for precise measurements of the volume of the thyroid gland. This approach(More)
Most of the thyroid nodules are heterogeneous with various internal components, which confuse many radiologists and physicians with their various echo patterns in thyroid nodules. A lot of texture extraction methods were used to characterize the thyroid nodules. Accordingly, the thyroid nodules could be classified by the corresponding textural features. In(More)
Emotions evoked by were analyzed. An estimation of the correlation coefficient was applied to determine features of music that evoke an emotion. These features were then used to train two support vector machines (SVMs) for an individual subject to classify music that evokes happiness, anger, sadness, and peacefulness. The proposed approach can be used to(More)
Gender recognition is a hot research topic in recent years. Human-machine interfaces or video surveillance can be greatly improved if human gender can be recognized automatically. In this study, an embedded hidden Markov model is used for gender recognition. Video, which is recorded in different angles of view, is utilized to sample properties of each(More)
In the conventional and relatively simple image processing techniques are most important task in the field of medical imaging. In this work to provide information about segmentation and classification methods that are very important for medical image processing. Ultrasound is unique in its ability to image patient anatomy and physiology in real time,(More)
Facial expression recognition is one of the most popular topics in emotion analysis. Most facial expression recognition systems are implemented by general expression models. Since facial expressions may be expressed differently by different people, inaccurate results are unavoidable. The proposed facial expression recognition system recognizes facial(More)