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The CoNLL-2016 Shared Task is the second edition of the CoNLL-2015 Shared Task, now on Multilingual Shallow discourse parsing. Similar to the 2015 task, the goal of the shared task is to identify individual discourse relations that are present in natural language text. Given a natural language text, participating teams are asked to locate the discourse(More)
We report improved AMR parsing results by adding a new action to a transitionbased AMR parser to infer abstract concepts and by incorporating richer features produced by auxiliary analyzers such as a semantic role labeler and a coreference resolver. We report final AMR parsing results that show an improvement of 7% absolute in F1 score over the best(More)
With the rapid expansion of protein post-translational modification (PTM) research based on large-scale proteomic work, there is an increasing demand for a suitable repository to analyze PTM data. Here we present a curated, web-accessible PTM data base, SysPTM. SysPTM provides a systematic and sophisticated platform for proteomic PTM research equipped not(More)
Although many genomic features have been used in the prediction of protein-protein interactions (PPIs), frequently only one is used in a computational method. After realizing the limited power in the prediction using only one genomic feature, investigators are now moving toward integration. So far, there have been few integration studies for PPI prediction;(More)
This paper describes CAMR, the transitionbased parser that we use in the SemEval-2016 Meaning Representation Parsing task. The main contribution of this paper is a description of the additional sources of information that we use as features in the parsing model to further boost its performance. We start with our existing AMR parser and experiment with three(More)
As one of the most important reversible protein post-translation modifications, ubiquitination has been reported to be involved in lots of biological processes and closely implicated with various diseases. To fully decipher the molecular mechanisms of ubiquitination-related biological processes, an initial but crucial step is the recognition of(More)
Chuan Wang, Fu Guo Deng and Gui Lu Long 1 Department of Physics and Key Laboratory For Quantum Information and Measurements, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, People’s Republic of China 2 Key Laboratory for Atomic and Molecular Nanosciences, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, People’s Republic of China 3 The Key Laboratory of Beam Technology and(More)