Chuan-Sheng Liu

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In this paper, a method to obtain the optimal parameters of PID(proportional, integral and derivative) controllers for the twin rotor multi-input multi-output system (TRMS) by using the optimal method , combined with the model reduced method, is proposed. The fuzzy control method with the multi-section gains and derivatives is also presented for the(More)
This paper proposes the improvements of the new structure of a brushless DC (BLDC) motor for the ceiling fan. The new type ceiling fan is first designed by using BLDC servo motor theory and the six-step wave form for the purpose of the manufacture cost reduction. The energy also can be saved at least 50% when the new type motor is compared to the(More)
By irradiating an ultra-thin overdense foil with an intense circularly polarized laser beam, the laser radiation pressure can push the foil forward. This scheme, laser radiation pressure acceleration, is one of the most actively studied laser-plasma acceleration scheme to generate quasi-monoenergetic proton beams. However, during the acceleration process,(More)
This study addresses an adaptive backstepping fuzzy control approach for automatic steering vehicles. The vehicle lateral dynamics is presented by an eight degree-of-freedom model, which considers the nonlinear behaviors such as tire force, wheel rotations, forward velocity, and roll motion. According to the existing result, the analysis and design on this(More)
A zero-voltage switching DC/DC converter with the high circuit efficiency is presented in this paper. The structure of a full-bridge converter with the phase-shift PWM is used to achieve the zero-voltage switching in the transformer primary side for the purpose of the switching lose reduction. In order to increase the converter efficiency in the transformer(More)
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