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Chlorahololides A and B, two potent and selective blockers of the potassium channel isolated from Chloranthus holostegius.
[structure: see text] Chlorahololides A(1) and B(2), two highly complex sesquiterpenoid dimers, were isolated from Chloranthus holostegius. Their structures and absolute configurations wereExpand
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Chuktabularins A-D, four new limonoids with unprecedented carbon skeletons from the stem bark of Chukrasia tabularis.
Chuktabularins A-D (1-4), four novel 16-norphragmalin-type limonoids that feature unprecedented skeletons with a biosynthetically extended C2 or C3 unit at C-15 forming a uniqueExpand
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Tabularisins A–D, phragmalin ortho esters with new skeleton isolated from the seeds of Chukrasia tabularis
Abstract Tabularisins A–D (1–4), a new class of phragmalins incorporating a cyclopropanyl ring, were isolated from Chukrasia tabularis. Compounds 1 and 2 are also the first examples of phragmalinsExpand
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Limonoids from Khaya ivorensis.
Four limonoids, 1-O-deacetyl-6-deoxykhayanolide E (1), 1-O-deacetyl-2 alpha-hydroxykhayanolide E (2), 3-acetyl-khayalactone (3), 11 alpha-acetoxy-2 alpha-hydroxy-6-deoxy-destigloylswietenine acetateExpand
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Phragmalin-type limonoid orthoesters from the twigs of Swietenia macrophylla.
Eleven new phragmalin-type limonoids, swietenitins N-X (1-11), together with a known one, epoxyfebrinin B (12), were isolated from the twigs of Swietenia macrophylla. The structures of the newExpand
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Structurally diverse limonoids from the fruits of Swietenia mahagoni.
Eleven new mexicanolide-type limonoids, swietmanins A-I (1-4, 7-11), 2-hydroxy-3-O-isobutyrylproceranolide (5), 2-hydroxy-3-O-benzoylproceranolide (6), and a new andirobin-type limonoid, swietmanin JExpand
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Alkaloids from Daphniphyllum longeracemosum.
Four new Daphniphyllum alkaloids, daphnilongeranins A-D (1-4), along with four known ones, daphniphylline, longistylumphylline A, deoxyisocalyciphylline B, and daphnicyclidin D, were isolated fromExpand
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Chuktabrins A and B, two novel limonoids from the twigs and leaves of Chukrasia tabularis.
Two novel limonoids, chuktabrin A (1), featuring the unique motifs of a 1,3-dioxolan-2-one and a 3,4-dihydro-2 H-pyran, and chuktabrin B (2), possessing an unprecedented polycyclic skeleton, wereExpand
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Onoceranoid-type triterpenoids from Lansium domesticum.
A rare class of onoceranoid-type triterpenoids, represented by lamesticumin A (1), the ethanolysis product of lamesticumin A (2), lamesticumins B-F (3-7), lansic acid 3-ethyl ester (8), and ethylExpand
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D-ring-opened phragmalin-type limonoid orthoesters from the twigs of Swietenia macrophylla.
Sixteen new D-ring-opened phragmalin limonoid orthoesters, swietenitins A-M (1-6, 8, 10, 12-16), 2-acetoxyswietenialide D (7), 2,11-diacetoxyswietenialide D (9), and 11-deoxyswietenialide D (11), andExpand
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