Chuan Qian

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Realization of biological synapses using electronic devices is regarded as the basic building blocks for neuromorphic engineering and artificial neural network. With the advantages of biocompatibility, low cost, flexibility, and compatible with printing and roll-to-roll processes, the artificial synapse based on organic transistor is of great interest. In(More)
Field-effect transistors (FETs) based on semiconducting nanowires are the most fundamental electronic elements for exploring charge transport as well as possible applications in functional nanoelectronics. Here, we report the effect of different gate dielectrics on the electrical performance of SnO2 nanowire FETs. By using solid-electrolytes with large(More)
To meet the increasing needs of modern heavy ion accelerators, ECR ion source must be developed to deliver high intensity high brightness high charge state ion beams, in terms of accelerator output power and beam transmission efficiency. With the success in several laboratories on fully superconducting ECR ion source development, the performance of highly(More)
CdS heterostructure nanomaterials are attractive for their potential applications in integrated optoelectronic devices. Herein, the high-quality CdS/CdS:SnS2 superlattice nanowires were synthesized through a micro-environmental controlled co-evaporation technique, which shows periodic emission properties and that their structures are periodic and(More)
The effect of ions on the gate dielectric behavior of oxide field-effect transistors (FETs) was studied using lithium ion-incorporated porous SiO2. The frequency dependence of the impedance was observed to vary with the ion concentrations in the ion-conducting SiO2 solid-electrolyte. The microstructure of the porous SiO2 was tailored by changing the(More)
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