Chuan-Pin Lu

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The surveillance systems have been widely used in automatic teller machines (ATMs), banks, convenient stores, etc. For example, when a customer uses the ATM, the surveillance systems will record his/her face information. The information will help us understand and trace who withdrew money. However, when criminals use the ATM to withdraw illegal money, they(More)
Closed-circuit television (CCTV) security systems have been widely used in banks, convenience stores, and other facilities. They are useful to deter crime and depict criminal activity. However, CCTV cameras that provide an overview of a monitored region can be useful for criminal investigation but sometimes can also be used for object identification (e.g.,(More)
The texture of the surface of individual fiber is an important characteristic. The fibers can be classified and recognized using the surface texture by a specific parameter. To describe the texture, the fractal parameter (or Hurst coefficient) is a proper value. In this study, we use the Fractional Brownian Motion (FBM) to model the texture of the fiber(More)
The urine color can be an indication of the status of health, especially for the patients with urinary catheterization after a medical intervention. Urinary tract infections are the most frequently developed infections among patients receiving treatment in medical institutions. Sometimes signs and symptoms of infection can be observed from the urine color.(More)
Urinary catheterization is a common medical intervention treatment for patients who suffer from aging bladder, are long-term bedridden, critical illness, after-surgery urination difficulty, and those who need urinary output monitoring. Patients can develop bacteriuria or a urinary tract infection from long-term catheterization. To reduce infection rates,(More)
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