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A smart-card based authentication scheme for telecare medicine information systems enables patients, doctors, nurses, health visitors and the medicine information systems to establish a secure communication platform through public networks. Zhu recently presented an improved authentication scheme in order to solve the weakness of the authentication scheme(More)
One critical issue in wireless sensor networks is how to gather sensed information in an energy-efficient way since the energy is a scarce resource in a sensor node. Cluster-based architecture is an effective architecture for data-gathering in wireless sensor networks. However, in a mobile environment, the dynamic topology poses the challenge to design an(More)
— This paper aims to determine the optimal number of clusters in an observation area for a wireless sensor network. We demonstrate that this goal can be achieved by a cross-layer approach from both perspectives of the power efficiency in the medium access control (MAC) layer and the coverage performance in the physical (PHY) layer.
— For the cognitive radio (CR) network, a fundamental issue is how to identify the spectrum opportunities. First, each CR node determines whether there exists transmission opportunities on unlicensed bands. If not, this node will find other opportunity on licensed bands. Thus, increasing the opportunities of concurrent transmissions in unlicensed bands can(More)
A ranking of a graph G is a mapping, p, from the vertices of G to the natural numbers such that for every path between any two vertices u and u, uf II, with p(u) = p(u), there exists at least one vertex w on that path with p(w) > p(u) = p(u). The value p(u) of a vertex u is the rank of vertex II. A ranking is optimal if the largest rank assigned is the(More)
One important issue in wireless sensor networks is how to gather sensed information in an energy efficient way since the energy is a scarce resource in a sensor node. Many protocols have been proposed for data-gathering between wireless sensor nodes. However, most of these protocols work on static wireless sensor networks. In this paper, we provide(More)
In a wireless mobile environment, data broadcasting provides an efficient way to disseminate data. Via data broadcasting, a server can provide location-based services to a large client population in a wireless environment. Among different location-based services, the k nearest neighbors (kNN) search is important and is used to find the k closest objects to(More)
—Cluster-based sensor networks have the advantages of reducing energy consumption and link-maintenance cost. One fundamental issue in cluster-based sensor networks is determining the optimal number of clusters. In this paper, we suggest a physical (PHY)/medium access control (MAC)/network (NET) cross-layer analytical approach for determining the optimal(More)