Chuan-Min Lee

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A set S of vertices in a digraph D = (V,A) is a kernel if S is independent and every vertex in V −S has an out-neighbor in S. We show that there exist O(n2 √ k +n)time and O(2 √ k + n)-time algorithms for checking whether a planar digraph D of order n has a kernel with at most k vertices. Moreover, if D has a kernel of size at most k, the algorithms find(More)
In this paper, we solve the maximum agreement subtree problem for a set T of k rooted, leaf-labelled evolutionary trees on n leaves where T contains a binary tree. We show that the O(kn)-time dynamic programming algorithm proposed by Farach et al. [10] and Bryant [7] can be implemented in O(n2logk−1n) and O(k · n3− 1 k−1 ) using the k-dimensional binary(More)
In this paper we study the edge-thickness and the clique-thickness of a graph. The edge-thickness of a graph is defined as the thickness of the family of edges. The clique-thickness of a graph is defined as the thickness of the family of maximal cliques. Edges and maximal cliques of a graph are both considered as a collection of subsets of the vertex set.(More)