Chuan-Mei Chen

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BACKGROUND This study explored the effects of acupressure on fatigue of lung cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. PATIENTS AND METHODS For this experimental study, 57 subjects were randomly assigned to three groups: acupressure with essential oils (n=17), acupressure only (n=24), and sham acupressure (n=16). Acupoints were Hegu (LI4), Zusanli (ST36),(More)
Corrosive injury results from the intake of corrosive-acid-based chemicals. However, this phenomenon is limited to a small number of cases and cannot be extrapolated to the epidemiology of corrosive injuries in actual situations. This study focuses on the annual incidence of corrosive injury and its connection to gender, risk factors, and in-hospital(More)
Most of the existing studies on postcoital bleeding (PCB) in Western countries. To date, no study has focused on the various PCB-related comorbidities in Taiwan women. This work aims to analyze and compare the presence or absence of PCB among Taiwanese women with gynecological comorbidity. This study is a population-based retrospective cohort investigation.(More)
Background: The incidence of juvenile fibromyalgia (JFM) in Taiwan has yet to be documented. As such, we investigated the incidence, risk factors, and comorbidities of JFM in this country. Methods: We analyzed the 2000–2010 claims data of outpatients diagnosed with JFM (ICD-9-CM codes 729.1) from the National Health Insurance Research Database. Results: A(More)
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