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Two common drawbacks of the visual cryptography scheme (VCS) are the large pixel expansion of each share image and the small contrast of the recovered secret image. In this paper, we propose a step construction to construct VCS<sub>OR</sub> and VCS<sub>XOR</sub> for general access structure by applying (2,2)-VCS recursively, where a participant may receive(More)
Two of the errors common in the inverse treatment planning optimization have been investigated. The first error is the optimizer convergence error, which appears because of non-perfect convergence to the global or local solution, usually caused by a non-zero stopping criterion. The second error is the local minima error, which occurs when the objective(More)
Visual Cryptography (VC) is a powerful technique that combines the notions of perfect ciphers and secret sharing in cryptography with that of raster graphics. A binary image can be divided into shares that are able to be stacked together so as to approximately recover the original image. VC is a unique technique in the sense that the encrypted message can(More)
PURPOSE To review the state of the art in image-guided precision conformal radiotherapy and to describe how helical tomotherapy compares with the image-guided practices being developed for conventional radiotherapy. MATERIALS AND METHODS Image guidance is beginning to be the fundamental basis for radiotherapy planning, delivery, and verification.(More)
In routine clinical practice, radiotherapy treatment planning is performed based on the patient CT images obtained during the patient setup procedure. However, the actual delivered dose to the patient might be different from the planned dose because of various reasons such as patient motion. Under such situations, it is desirable to modify the original(More)
A method to quickly modify a treatment plan in adaptive radiotherapy was proposed and studied. The method is based on a Cimmino-type algorithm in linear programming. The fast convergence speed is achieved by over-relaxing the algorithm relaxation parameter from its sufficient convergence range of (0, 2) to (0, infinity). The algorithm parameters are(More)
Under various clinical situations, it is desirable to modify the original treatment plan to better suit the clinical goals. In this work, a method to help physicians modify treatment plans based on their clinical preferences is proposed. The method uses a weighted quadratic dose objective function. The commonly used organ-/ROI-based weighting factors are(More)