Chuan-Hua Chen

Juan G Santiago2
Jolanta A Watson1
Gregory S Watson1
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—Electroosmotic (EO) micropumps use field-induced ion drag to drive liquids and achieve high pressures in a compact design with no moving parts. An analytical model applicable to planar, etched-structure micropumps has been developed. This model consists of pressure and flow relations in addition to an analytical expression that can be used to estimate the(More)
Electroosmotic ¯ow (EOF) micropumps which use electroosmosis to transport liquids have been fabricated and used to achieve pressures in excess of 20 atm and ¯ow rates of 3.6 ml/min for 2 kV applied potentials. These pumps use deionized water as working ¯uids in order to reduce the ion current of the pump during operation and increase thermodynamic(More)
The self-cleaning function of superhydrophobic surfaces is conventionally attributed to the removal of contaminating particles by impacting or rolling water droplets, which implies the action of external forces such as gravity. Here, we demonstrate a unique self-cleaning mechanism whereby the contaminated superhydrophobic surface is exposed to condensing(More)
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