Chuan-Chung Chang

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This paper presents a mobile phone imaging module with extended depth of focus (EDoF) by using axial irradiance equalization (AIE) phase coding. From radiation energy transfer along optical axis with constant irradiance, the focal depth enhancement solution is acquired. We introduce the axial irradiance equalization phase coding to design a twoelement(More)
Computational imaging has been using for depth of field extension, distance estimation and depth map for stereo imaging and displaying with great successfully, which are realized by using special designed imaging lens and optimized image post-processing algorithm. Several special coding structures have been presented, like cubic, generalized cubic,(More)
The degenerated performance of extend depth of field (EDoF) in wavefront coding system which using cubic phase mask is simulated. A periodical rotationally symmetric surface error structure is presented and combined with comparison the similarity of point spread function (PSF). The peak to valley (PV) error of the cubic surface is needed smaller than 15%(More)
In image deblurring, it is important to reconstruct images with small error, high perception quality, and less computational time. In this paper, a blurred image reconstruction algorithm, which is a combination of the Richardson-Lucy (RL) deconvolution approach and a pyramid structure, is proposed. The RL approach has good performance in image(More)
Enhancing the sharpness of edges and avoiding the ringing effect are two important issues in blurred image reconstruction. However, there is a tradeoff between the two goals. A reconstruction filter with long impulse response can reduce the ringing artifact, however, the sharpness of the edge is decreased. By contrast, a short impulse response(More)
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