Chua Siang Ling

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The glyphosate-degrading bacterium, Burkholderia caryophilli PG2982, was observed to utilize glyceryl glyphosate as a sole phosphorus source. The hydrolysis of glyceryl glyphosate to glyphosate by a phosphonate ester hydrolase (PEH) was identified as the first metabolic step in the mineralization pathway. This observation provides the first biological role(More)
The function of choline kinase (CK) and ethanolamine kinase (EK) is to catalyse the phosphorylation of choline and ethanolamine, respectively, in order to yield phosphocholine (PCho) and phosphoethanolamine (PEtn). A high expression level of PCho, due to elevated CK activity, has previously been associated with malignant transformation. In the present(More)
Proper ion balance between intra- and extracellular compartments is necessary for normal physiological function. Conversely, alterations in membrane ion transport occur in numerous pathological states. As a noninvasive, nondestructive spectroscopic technique, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) offers a powerful approach to the study of ion balance in intact(More)
The effects of sepsis on intracellular Na+ concentration ([Na+]i) and glucose metabolism were examined in rat red blood cells (RBCs) by using 23Na- and 2H-nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. Sepsis was induced in 15 halothane-anesthetized female Sprague-Dawley rats by using the cecal ligation and perforation technique; 14 control rats underwent(More)
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