Chu-Hua Lu

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This paper describes the miscibility and self-assembly, mediated by hydrogen-bonding interactions, of new block copolymer/nanoparticle blends. The morphologies adopted by the immiscible poly[(ε-caprolactone)-block-(4-vinyl pyridine)] (PCL-b-P4VP) diblock copolymer changes upon increasing the number of competitive hydrogen-bonding interactions after adding(More)
Two flexible ether bonds were designed to connect two pyrene rings on a polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (BPy-POSS) to enrich the fraction of "intrinsic intramolecular pyrene-dimer" on the surface of crystal isobutyl-POSS (iBu-POSS) thin-films. Compared to the monomer emission of 1-pyrenemethanol (Py-OH), the emission spectra of BPy-POSS in(More)
In this study, the surface of π-conjugated polymer, poly(2-methoxy-5-(2'-ethyl-hexyloxy)-1,4-phenylene vinylene) (MEH-PPV), was successfully modified with the sulfate anion (SO(4-)) groups by the confined photo-catalytic oxidation (CPO). After the surface modification, the water contact angle of MEH-PPV is changed from 95.5° to 82.1° without influence on(More)
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