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College students with financial difficulties refer to those whose families can hardly afford their high tuition in universities, and should be supported by modern funding system. Indeed, students' economic plight negatively impact their mental health, academic performance, as well as their personal and social life. While funding students in financial(More)
In this paper, we study the problem of personalized restaurant recommendations. Specifically, we develop a probabilistic factor analysis framework, named RMSQ-MF, which has the ability in exploiting multi-source information, such as the users' task, their friends' preferences, and human mobility patterns, for personalized restaurant recommendations. The(More)
A Point of Interest (POI) refers to a specific location that people may find useful or interesting. While a large body of research has been focused on identifying and recommending POIs, there are few studies on characterizing the life cycle of POIs. Indeed, a comprehensive understanding of POI life cycle can be helpful for various tasks, such as urban(More)
The service usage analysis, aiming at identifying customers' messaging behaviors based on encrypted App traffic flows, has become a challenging and emergent task for service providers. Prior literature usually starts from segmenting a traffic sequence into single-usage subsequences, and then classify the subsequences into different usage types. However,(More)
With lots of applications emerging in World Wide Web, many interaction data from users are collected and exploited to discover user behavior or interest patterns. In this paper, we attempt to exploit a new interaction data, namely print logs, where each record is printing URLs selected by a user using a popular web printing tool. Users usually print web(More)
With the booming popularity of online social networks like Twitter and Weibo, online user footprints are accumulating rapidly on the social web. Simultaneously, the question of how to leverage the large-scale user-generated social media data for personal credit scoring comes into the sight of both researchers and practitioners. It has also become a topic of(More)
Online karaoke allows users to practice singing and distribute recordings. Different from traditional music recommendation, online karaoke need to consider users’ vocal competence besides their tastes. In this paper, we develop a karaoke recommender system by taking into account vocal competence. Alone this line, we propose a joint modeling method named(More)
How to discover potential users of new released products is an important task in marketing campaigns, especially for companies have many established users. Indeed, transfer learning is a natural choice for addressing such problem, which can leverage the user data from historical products (i.e., auxiliary domains) for recommendation of new product (i.e.,(More)
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