Chrystie Myketiak

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It is widely agreed that there is a need to excite more school students about computing. Considering teachers' views about student engagement is important to securing their support for any solution. We therefore present the results of a qualitative, questionnaire-based study on teachers' perceptions of the best ways to make the subject interesting. From 115(More)
An effective approach to engaging young women to take computing in higher education is to provide examples of successful female computer scientists. Can a print publication that combines core computing concepts with inspiring stories of women in the field be effective? In this paper, we describe a campaign that distributed a 60-page booklet on women in(More)
There are a variety of initiatives to attract secondary school students to computer science. cs4fn is one such project. It combines a magazine, website and live shows, telling stories about computer science in spirited and creative ways. Here we focus on the use of the magazine and, using sociolinguistic discourse analysis, we analyze comments from students(More)
A major challenge facing secondary schools is to encourage students to take computing courses. One approach is to invite external speakers from universities or industry to give lectures. The cs4fn project, a large UK-based initiative to enthuse students about computer science, includes this approach. Speakers from Queen Mary, University of London, visit(More)
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