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We investigated age related changes in the control of precision grip in 29 healthy adults spanning early adulthood to middle age (21-67 years). Subjects performed a visually guided, isometric precision grip ramp-and-hold force-tracking task. Target force levels were 3, 6, and 9 N. Precision and performance of force regulation was quantified. Larger errors(More)
The parietal cortex is involved in a wide range of cognitive functions in humans including associative functions between multiple sensorimotor spaces, attentional control, and working memory. Little is known, however, about the role and the functional organization of the parietal cortex in action planning and sequential cognition. Moreover, the respective(More)
Mathematical model. The demand of cognitive control (1) required for selecting an action A is assumed to be given by the information (entropy) h(A) associated with action A (2): h(A) =-log 2 p(A), where p(A) is the frequency of selecting action A among the set of alternative actions. Similarly , the control subserved by a signal X and involved in selecting(More)
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