Chrystalla Sofokleous

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Cloud application portability and optimal resource allocation are of great importance in the realm of Cloud infrastructure provisioning. c-Eclipse is an open-source Cloud Application Management Framework through which users are able to define the description, deployment and management phases of their Cloud applications in a clean and intuitive graphical(More)
Cloud computing enables on-demand provisioning of computing resources to IT solutions, following a utility-based approach. Technology and standardization developments in traditional public utilities enable customers to seamlessly migrate across utility providers without being required to make changes to their home appliances. Dubbed as the fifth utility,(More)
Next generation Cloud applications present elastic features and rapidly scale their comprised resources. Consequently, managing and monitoring Cloud applications is becoming a challenge. This paper showcases the functionality and novel features of: (i) c-Eclipse, a framework for describing Cloud applications along with their elasticity requirements and(More)
The Cloud Application Management Framework (CAMF) enables Cloud application developers to design, deploy and manage their applications through an intuitive blueprint design. In this paper we show how Cloud application developers can utilize CAMF in order to have portable applications that can be deployed on different IaaS with minimal effort. Towards this(More)
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