Chrystalla Mouza

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A major challenge for broadening participation in computing within K-12 settings is the lack of trained teachers. While professional development programs provide opportunities for the development of knowledge, skills, and pedagogy in teaching computing, teachers need ongoing support throughout the academic year. In this paper, we describe a course-based(More)
In this paper, we report on an effort to support the development of computational thinking in K-12 settings through a partnership of university faculty, computer science undergraduates, teachers and students. We describe two afterschool programs focusing on game design using Scratch programming, designed by the Partner4CS team in collaboration with middle(More)
One of the greatest challenges in broadening participation in computer science is teacher preparation, as few middle and high school teachers have a formal background in computing. Further, without a credentialing program, there are limited ways to learn content and pedagogical strategies for effective computer science instruction. As a result, professional(More)
The CS for All initiative places increased emphasis on the need to prepare K-12 teachers of computer science (CS). Professional development (PD) programs continue to be an essential mechanism for preparing in-service teachers who have little formal background in CS content, skills, and teaching pedagogy. While increased investment by federal agencies and(More)
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