Chryssoula Karlou

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BACKGROUND The association between individualised nursing care and patient satisfaction has been previously found. However, there is a lack of studies examining this association between individualised care and patient satisfaction in a cross-cultural study. AIMS This study examines the association between individualised care and patient satisfaction in a(More)
The purpose of this European survey was to examine the relationship of surgical patients' and nurses' personal characteristics with their perceptions of caring behaviors. Caring Behaviors Inventory (CBI) was completed by convenience samples of 1,659 patients and 1,195 nurses from six countries of Europe. The results showed that the older the patients, the(More)
AIM   This paper is a report of an international study of patients' and nurses' perceptions of nurse caring behaviours. BACKGROUND   Current economic constraints on healthcare systems, demand to increase the quality of care and the incorporation of the consumers' perspective into care, have created a need to develop a clear understanding of nursing(More)
Although respect and human presence are frequently reported in nursing literature, these are poorly defined within a nursing context. The aim of this study was to examine the differences, if any, in the perceived frequency of respect and human presence in the clinical care, between nurses and patients. A convenience sample of 1537 patients and 1148 nurses(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to compare patients' and nurses' perceptions of individualised care in five European countries, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Finland, Greece and Hungary. BACKGROUND Individualised nursing care has been studied from both patients' and nurses' perspectives, but to date, there are no studies comparing these perspectives(More)
PURPOSE Although, within cancer nursing the concept of caring is central, there are limited studies comparing nurses', patients' and caregivers' views of care, especially in non-Anglo-Saxonic cultures. We explored and compared perceptions of caring behaviours by cancer patients, their caregivers, and nurses in Greece, as well as associations with(More)
BACKGROUND Patients' decisional control over care is the ability or power for patients to decide what their involvement will be in healthcare decisions. There is evidence of limited agreement between the perceptions of patients and the perceptions of nurses and/or caregivers with regard to the degree of patient involvement in the planning and performance of(More)
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