Chrysostomos Tziouvaras

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Current developments in optical components’ technologies enable wavelengths to be very narrowly spaced, transforming the optical fiber into a multi-terabit capacity medium. A new generation of “all-Optical” CrossConnects started to appear in the market leading to a number of advantages such as increased switching capacity, decreased overall network costs,(More)
Production Grid infrastructure requires end-to- end guarantees on the Quality of Service from the underlying networks. In this paper, we present use cases for advance network resource reservation and then describe a multi-layered architecture that can support them. The architecture presents a single bandwidth broker, called BAR, which sits at the Grid(More)
Fueled by concern over the energy consumption of backbone networks, lot's of work has recently gone into proposals for energy-aware traffic engineering and routing. Local and network-wide policies have been developed for switching off network interfaces and concentrating traffic in as few links as allowed by SLA constraints. In this work we examine(More)
Public procurements are essential legislative procedures to ensure acquiring best possible costs, to meet the needs of the procurer in terms of quality and quantity, time, and location. In this paper, we provide you with the information about Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) procedures being beneficially experienced in a specific area of Optical Networking(More)
Handling multiple sets of trouble tickets (TTs) originating from different participants in today’s GRID interconnected network environments poses a series of challenges for the involved institutions. Each of the participants follows different procedures for handling trouble incidents in its domain, according to the local technical and linguistic profile.(More)
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