Chrysi Stafylaraki

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BACKGROUND The roles played by different peach allergens with respect to symptom severity have not been completely ascertained. We have evaluated the diagnostic efficacy of peach recombinant allergens ImmunoCAP compared to peach in the identification of subjects at an increased risk for severe reactions to peaches. METHODS 148 peach-allergic patients were(More)
BACKGROUND Mast cell tryptase has recently been reported to be involved in atherosclerotic plaque destabilization. However, the results of these reports are conflicting. METHODS The aim of this study was to characterize the role of tryptase as a prognostic marker of patient cardiovascular complexity in acute coronary syndrome (ACS). Furthermore, its(More)
Sensitisation to peach lipid transfer protein (LTP; Pru p 3) is significantly associated with severe allergic symptoms in adults, but little is known about the age at onset of peach allergy. We investigated a possible correlation between specific IgE levels to Pru p 3 and the age at onset of peach allergy. One hundred and forty-eight patients allergic to(More)
BACKGROUND The assessment of allergic asthma (AA) and allergic rhinitis (AR) in epidemiological studies is often challenging. We performed a cross-sectional study to test the accuracy of a Questionnaire aimed at Identifying subjects with Respiratory Allergy (QIRA) in a simple and fast way. METHODS One hundred-thirty subjects, 18-76 years of age, admitted(More)
BACKGROUND The risk factors for sensitisation to rice and the involved allergens are still partially unknown. In this study we evaluated the clinically relevant aspects of rice allergy in DBPCF-positive patients, the major rice allergens, the severity of peach- and rice-induced symptoms in respect to Pru p 3 sensitisation and the role of anti-rPru p 3 IgE(More)
Fennel allergy has been rarely reported, and the association with peach allergy has never been described. Our aim was to (i) study the correlation between symptom severity of peach and fennel and (ii) identify fennel allergens and the role of rPru p 3 antibodies in severe reactions to fennel. In 148 patients with peach allergy, we investigated 58 patients(More)
BACKGROUND Hypersensitivity reactions to anaesthetic agents are rare but often severe, with a mortality ranging from 4 to 9% in IgE-mediated events. Identification of the risk factors may contribute to limit the incidence of these reactions. The aim of our study was to search for possible risk factors of severe perioperative hypersensitivity reactions in(More)
UNLABELLED Background: The role of allergens in the severity of tomato allergy symptoms has not yet been studied. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the relationship between severe allergic reactions to peach and tomato and between tomato allergy symptoms and the pattern of IgE positivity for rPru p 1, rPru p 3, rPru p 4, rBetv 1, rBetv 2, rBetv4, rPhl p 1, and rPhl(More)
Methods within a population of patients with different grades of OAS for peach (mild-OAS, group A; and severe systemic symptoms to peach, group B) we selected patients with documented allergic reactions to tomato. We investigated the type of reaction to tomato by means of a clinical questionnaire, skin prick tests, prick + prick with fresh tomato and(More)