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We present a hybrid integrated photonic circuit on a silicon-on-insulator substrate that performs ultra high-speed all-optical wavelength conversion. The chip incorporates a 1.25 mm non-linear SOA mounted on the SOI board using gold-tin bumps as small as 14 μm. Τhe device performs chirp filtering and signal polarity inversion with two multi-mode(More)
BOOM is a photonic integration concept that aims to develop compact, cost-effective and power efficient silicon photonic components for high capacity routing functionalities. To accomplish this, flip-chip bonding and heterogeneous wafer scale fabrication techniques are employed that enable Si manufacturing with III-IV material processing. We present in this(More)
We experimentally demonstrate the accuracy of an all-optical S-R latch and an optical S-R flip-flop based on hybrid integrated Mach-Zehnder Interferometers, with Semiconductor Optical Amplifier in each arm (MZI-SOA). The performance of both bistable devices will be studied and compared in terms of extinction ratio and switching times.
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