Chritianna Taylor

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  • Angeline Pollack, C Langton, +11 authors G Schemata
  • 1993
[Epstein92a] Epstein, S. " In search of the ideal trainer " , to appear. [Epstein92b] Epstein, S. " Learning expertise from the opposition: the role of the trainer in a competetive environment. [Samuels67] Samuels, A. " Some studies in machine learning using the game of checkers, II-recent progress.
Establishment of a future human lunar settlement for utilization of the Moon is one of many endeavors that could take place after NASA lunar exploration initiatives have completed. A study, referred to as Moonbase Arusha, is underway to explore a concept of operations for such an endeavor. This paper focuses on aspects of the concept related to its fleet of(More)
[4] F. Dellaert, and J. Vandewalle, " Automatic design of cellular neural networks by means of genetic algorithms: finding a feature detector " , in The Third Efficient reinforcement learning through symbiotic evolution " , Training Data Validation Data Test Data gorithms than it is in the latter. The difference in performance is a result of statistical(More)
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