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The generality of the place-learning impairment associated with hippocampal system damage was challenged using methods of training that permitted subjects to form an individual association between the place of escape and a particular navigational route in an open-field water maze. Both normal rats and rats with fornix lesions (FX rats) acquired this task(More)
Spectral and other physicochemical properties were determined for a suite of submicron powders of hematite (alpha-Fe2O3), maghemite (gamma-Fe2O3), magnetite (Fe3O4), goethite (alpha-FeOOH), and lepidocrocite (gamma-FeOOH). The spectral reflectivity measurements were made between 0.35 and 2.20 micrograms over the temperature interval between about -110(More)
Measurements of the genetic variation and covariation underlying quantitative traits are crucial to our understanding of current evolutionary change and the mechanisms causing this evolution. This fact has spurred a large number of studies estimating heritabilities and genetic correlations in a variety of organisms. Most of these studies have been done in(More)
Plant traits that show little variation across higher taxa are often used as diagnostic traits, but the reason for the stasis of such traits remains unclear. Wild radish, Raphanus raphanistrum, exhibits tetradynamous stamens (four long and two short, producing a dimorphism in anther height within each flower), as do the vast majority of the more than 3,000(More)
Genetic correlations are the most commonly studied of all potential constraints on adaptive evolution. We present a comprehensive test of constraints caused by genetic correlation, comparing empirical results to predictions from theory. The additive genetic correlation between the filament and the corolla tube in wild radish flowers is very high in(More)
Weight-bearing physical activity and calcium intake are two important behavioral influences for bone health. Physical-activity and calcium-intake intervention trials with youth have been implemented to evaluate their efficacy and effectiveness to decrease the risk for subsequent osteoporosis and fractures. Technical aspects of bone measurement have not been(More)
Viruses are major evolutionary drivers of insect immune systems. Much of our knowledge of insect immune responses derives from experimental infections using the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. Most experiments, however, employ lethal pathogen doses through septic injury, frequently overwhelming host physiology. While this approach has revealed several(More)
In this case report, the authors demonstrate a case of subacute bacterial endocarditis presenting with anaemia. It is the first of its kind to describe a delay in diagnosis due to an initial patient investigation for a bleed rather than a cardiac evaluation. Astute clinicians need to be aware of the causes of anaemia in patients with endocarditis and(More)
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