Christy Pacheco

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INTRODUCTION The aim of this study was to examine ranibizumab treatment patterns in "real-world" practice and clinical settings, as well as to assess quality of life outcomes over a 24-month period. MATERIALS AND METHODS This was a prospective, observational, multicenter, open-label study of 0.5 mg of ranibizumab administered intravitreally. Patients were(More)
The aim of this paper was to evaluate S-100 concentration in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from patients with different neurological disorders, and in subjects with no proven neurological pathology, in order to study possible differences in their protein concentrations. The total number of patient-samples examined was 119 (58 males and 61 females; mean age 35(More)
With the aim of evaluating the sympathetic-adrenal medulla system in subjects practicing transcendental meditation (TM), their plasma catecholamine levels were determined at two different times of day. The study group consisted of 19 subjects who regularly practice either TM or Sidhi-TM technique, with a control group made up of 16 healthy subjects who had(More)
39 female patients (age range: 31-84 years) with palpable breast masses detected by physical examination, underwent 201Tl scintigraphy in order to assess its value in the detection of breast carcinomas and to differentiate them from benign breast masses. Planar images were carried out at 20-30 min and 2-3 h after intravenous administration of 111-185 MBq(More)
Degelification of highly viscous alpaca semen was attempted using two enzymes: trypsin and collagenase. Dilution effect on artificial insemination was determined in alpacas. Semen from 4 male alpacas was collected, degelified, diluted, and inseminated into 80 female alpacas. Degelification was achieved adding trypsin and collagenase enzymes to fresh semen(More)
BACKGROUND Apart from clinical outcomes, the "real-world" outcomes of intermittent short-course cyclosporine treatment remain poorly documented. OBJECTIVE To evaluate various outcomes of short-course cyclosporine treatment for severe psoriasis; and to describe dermatologists' use of the Rule of Tens. METHODS A 12-week pharmacoepidemiological study; 112(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the diagnostic role of bone scan in patients with breast carcinoma. With this purpose, we have studied 591 patients (4 males). In 261 of them, we were able to establish the stage of disease: 33 in stage I, 137 in stage II, 71 in stage III y 20 in stage IV. Metastatic lesions were detected in 6% of patients in stage I,(More)
The levels of CA 549 and SP2 were measured in 430 subjects: 100 healthy blood donors, 130 patients with benign diseases and 200 postoperative breast cancer patients. In the latter group, the serum levels of CA 15.3, CEA and TPA were also measured. The Kolmogorov-Smirnov, Mann Whitney and McNemar tests were used for statistical analysis. The upper normal(More)
AIM The aim of our study was to produce a quantitative determination of Ga-67 pulmonary intake and correlate it with plasma levels of calcitriol. MATERIAL AND METHODS A prospective study was conducted, and included 65 patients (29 female, 36 male) referred to our section due to suspected sarcoidosis or fibrosis of the lungs. Gammagraphic images were(More)
AIM The agreement in the interpretation of the scintigraphic images of pulmonary perfusion in the diagnosis of pulmonary tromboembolism (TEP) is not always the most adequate. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the degree of agreement by eight observers in the interpretation of these studies. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study population consisted of(More)