Christy J. Kinane

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We present an unreported magnetic configuration in epitaxial La(1-x) Sr(x) MnO3 (x ∼ 0.3) (LSMO) films grown on strontium titanate (STO). X-ray magnetic circular dichroism indicates that the remanent magnetic state of thick LSMO films is opposite to the direction of the applied magnetic field. Spectroscopic and scattering measurements reveal that the(More)
Chemically engineered interfaces are shown to produce inversions of the magnetoresistance in spintronic devices including lithium fluoride interlayers. This behavior is explained by the formation of anti-ferromagnetic difluoride layers. By changing the order of deposition of the different materials, the sign of the magnetoresistance can be deterministically(More)
We demonstrate an isolated magnetic interface anisotropy in amorphous CoFeB films on (Al)GaAs(001), similar to that in epitaxial films but without a magnetocrystalline anisotropy term. The direction of the easy axis corresponds to that due to the interfacial interaction proposed for epitaxial films. We show that the anisotropy is determined by the relative(More)
We present a detailed structural and magnetic characterization of sputter deposited thin film erbium, determined by x-ray diffraction, transport measurements, magnetometry and neutron diffraction. This provides information on the onset and change of the magnetic state as a function of temperature and applied magnetic field. Many of the features of bulk(More)
Equi-atomic FeRh is highly unusual in that it undergoes a first order meta-magnetic phase transition from an antiferromagnet to a ferromagnet above room temperature (Tr ≈ 370 K). This behavior opens new possibilities for creating multifunctional magnetic and spintronic devices which can utilise both thermal and applied field energy to change state and(More)
We characterise the magnetic state of highly-textured, sputter deposited erbium for a film of thickness 6 nm. Using polarised neutron reflectometry it is found that the film has a high degree of magnetic disorder, and we present some evidence that the film's local magnetic state is consistent with bulk-like spiral magnetism. This, combined with(More)
We have used Soxhlet solvent purification to fractionate a broad molecular weight distribution of the polycarbazole polymer PCDTBT into three lower polydispersity molecular weight fractions. Organic photovoltaic devices were made using a blend of the fullerene acceptor PC₇₁BM with the molecular weight fractions. An average power conversion efficiency of(More)
We have studied the dependence on the domain wall structure of the spin-transfer torque current density threshold for the onset of wall motion in curved, Gd-doped Ni(80)Fe(20) nanowires with no artificial pinning potentials. For single vortex domain walls, for both 10% and 1% Gd-doping concentrations, the threshold current density is inversely proportional(More)
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