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Competition between neurons is necessary for refining neural circuits during development and may be important for selecting the neurons that participate in encoding memories in the adult brain. To examine neuronal competition during memory formation, we conducted experiments with mice in which we manipulated the function of CREB (adenosine(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare outcomes, quality of life (QOL), and costs of laparoscopic and open gastric bypass (GBP). SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA Laparoscopic GBP has been reported to be a safe and effective approach for the treatment of morbid obesity. The authors performed a prospective randomized trial to compare outcomes, QOL, and costs of laparoscopic GBP with(More)
BACKGROUND Hypercarbia and increased intraabdominal pressure during prolonged pneumoperitoneum can adversely affect cardiac function. This study compared the intraoperative hemodynamics of morbidly obese patients during laparoscopic and open gastric bypass (GBP). METHODS Fifty-one patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 40-60 kg/m2 were randomly(More)
The genetic mechanisms that regulate neurodegeneration are only poorly understood. We show that the loss of one allele of the p53 family member, p73, makes mice susceptible to neurodegeneration as a consequence of aging or Alzheimer's disease (AD). Behavioral analyses demonstrated that old, but not young, p73+/- mice displayed reduced motor and cognitive(More)
Rehabilitation-dependent motor recovery after cerebral ischemia is associated with functional reorganization of residual cortical tissue. Recovery is thought to occur when remaining circuitry surrounding the lesion is "retrained" to assume some of the lost function. This reorganization is in turn supported by synaptic plasticity within cortical circuitry(More)
Karyotypes of many species of the genus Sceloporus support the generalization that there are no morphologically recognizable sex chromosomes in lizards; however, there is a marked sexual dimorphism in the karyotypes of Sceloporus jarrovi and Sceloporus poinsetti. During meiosis in males, whose diploid number of chromosomes is 31, preferential segregation of(More)
BACKGROUND Free jejunal autografts increasingly are being used to repair the pharynx after resections of head and neck carcinomas. Doses of greater than 45 Gy are generally considered to be above the tolerance of the small bowel, whereas the dose range for effective postoperative radiotherapy of advanced head and neck cancers is between 57.6 Gy and 63 Gy.(More)
PURPOSE We examined the relationship of local failure to distant metastasis in patients with muscle invasive bladder cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS This retrospective review included 240 patients treated with radical cystectomy with or without multiagent chemotherapy at our institution between 1984 and 1990 for clinical stage T2 to T4 transitional cell(More)