Christy Horn

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In order to further investigate the epidemiology of Mycoplasma genitalium, 680 men attending departments of genitourinary medicine in Bristol, Bath and Truro were studied. M. genitalium was detected in 36 men (5.3%) and was present at all three clinics. Clinically, both urethritis and the presence of a urethral discharge and/or dysuria, but not penile(More)
1 In the order listed above, the authors are associated with Technical Institute for the Deaf. 2 The report on notetaking made reference also to computer-assisted notetaking, C-Print TM , and real-time captioning, each of which is an application of real-time speech-to-text. In the present report, frequent reference is made to the generation of notes as a(More)
Using monoclonal antibodies directed against protein 1 (major outer membrane protein) in the cell wall of Neisseria gonorrhoeae it is possible to serotype the gonococcus into different sub-groups. This study was designed to analyse the distribution of such serovars in Glasgow, Scotland, and report associations between serovars and clinical features of(More)
In a previous internal audit of women attending the department of genitourinary medicine following rape, we noted that data from diagnostic coding seemed to underestimate the problem and that anecdotally, a number of women had been seen with concerns relating to historical assault. We therefore decided to record attendance following rape prospectively.(More)
The provision of antiretroviral therapy to HIV-positive patients attending the Department of Genitourinary Medicine at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh was assessed, to examine whether clinicians were offering treatment in line with the departmental protocol. A total of 195 patients attended in 1998, of whom 169 fulfilled the protocol criteria for(More)
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