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How do we compare eliterature forms? What does it mean for a work to be implemented as hypertext, interactive fiction, or chatbot? "Benchmark fiction" is a methodology for creating 'benchmarks'-sets of adaptations of the " same " eliterature content across different media for the purpose of comparative study. While total equivalence between the resulting(More)
This paper addresses the vast practice encompassed under the placeholder term polymorphic creations: contemporary tie-ins, pervasive gaming, telematic arts and so on. A position is put forward where a heterogenous model is championed in favour of a shared ontology. This is contextualized according to polymorphic practices and larger cultural shifts. This(More)
The Internet is an indisputably influential force in changes to the way entertainment is conceived, produced, distributed, experienced and critiqued. My research is of course, therefore, entering the theoretical discussion in medias res. I do not wish to duplicate extant research into the area of entertainment and the Internet. Instead, in the interests of(More)
New Media enthusiasts have long extolled the digital medium as opening up new forms of storytelling. Interactive stories are said to enable the user to enact the narrative interpretations and decisions previously internal in other media. 'Interactivity' is meant to allow user to control and manipulate the story in many ways. This paper investigates this(More)
Immediately after I registered online for 'Australia's first web-based drama', I received an email from Old Norm, a fictional character in Jupiter Green, a fictional apartment block (Anonymous, 2004c). Old Norm, the caretaker, let me know that 'there's pretty much no limit to where you can go. You've got permission to snoop about wherever you like'. So I(More)
I have observed that within the new media ecology there are currently three research approaches: developing media specific poetics for digital works only (e.g. ludology for computer games); revising and development of traditional discourses and media through consideration of new media works within the same media thread (eg: internet movies for film(More)
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