Christy Ann Wills

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Previously unrecognised temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) was diagnosed in 11 of 16 hyposexual men. 6 had neuroendocrine abnormalities (hypogonadism in 4 and hyperprolactinaemia in 2). 4 men with hypogonadism and TLE had persistently subnormal serum testosterone, with a blunted luteinising hormone (LH) response to luteinising hormone releasing hormone (LHRH) in(More)
Fifty-one children with cerebral palsy who were candidates for surgery for equinovarus deformities of the foot had their gait evaluated by means of foot-switches and electromyography to determine the contribution of the anterior tibialis and posterior tibialis muscles to the deformity. Seven EMG patterns and five foot-switch patterns were identified, but(More)
To ascertain whether in hyperprolactinaemic men pituitary macroadenomas represent the end stage of a disease process wherein the only early symptom is impotence, the features of 16 hyperprolactinaemic men with radiological evidence of pituitary macroadenomas were compared with those of 10 hyperprolactinaemic men without pituitary macroadenomas. All were(More)
The torque-velocity relationship of the ankle plantar flexors was determined in 31 patients recovering from Achilles tendon rupture. Isokinetic torque measurements were made at speeds of 0 to 240 degrees.s-1 at 24 degrees.s-1 intervals. Measurements of instantaneous torque were made at joint angles corresponding to neutral and 10 degrees plantar flexion. In(More)
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