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Historically, Americans have died of infectious diseases, often in childhood or young adulthood. Cancer has also been responsible for thousands of deaths. With the advent of improved antibiotics and chemotherapy, people are surviving much longer and many, especially those over 65 years of age, will incur at least one chronic disease or disability in their(More)
In December 1995 the Pew Health Professions Commission, a program of the Pew Charitable Trust, released its report titled "Reforming Health Care Workforce Regulations: Policy Considerations for the 21st Century." One of ANNA's external projects for the 1996-97 year was responding to the Commission's report. Western Region Vice President Christine Mudge was(More)
The health care issues facing society today are complex. Access to care, quality of life, relative value scales, diagnosis related groups, and cost containment demands have had an impact on the decision-making processes of health care professionals. The availability of alternative therapeutic treatment modalities adds additional considerations when(More)
The nephrology nurses in collaboration with the nephrologist worked closely to avoid severe symptomatology related to calcium phosphorus imbalance. The surgical team support was discontinued 48 hours after the removal of the autotransplant. The patient exhibited classic signs of secondary hyperparathyroidism, as indicated by laboratory tests, anemia, and(More)
On the last day of his life, H.J. came into the dialysis unit smiling and joking. He spent the time watching a movie and visiting with visitors and staff. He reported feeling better than he had in a long time. His predicted 3-day death watch had become nearly 5 months of improved quality of life and precious time spent with his large extended family. He(More)