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We evaluate the empirical and theoretical support for the hypothesis that a large proportion of native species richness is required to maximize ecosystem stability and sustain function. This assessment is important for conservation strategies because sustenance of ecosystem functions has been used as an argument for the conservation of species. If ecosystem(More)
We investigated the community composition and diversity of soil fungi along a sharp vegetative ecotone between coastal sage scrub (CSS) and nonnative annual grassland habitat at two sites in coastal California. USA- We pooled soil samples across 29 m transects on either side of the ecotone at each of the two sites, and. using clone libraries of fungal(More)
A case of a power weight lifter who is ingesting large doses of anabolic steroids plus other drugs to counteract their short-term side effects is presented. This type of polydrug abuse phenomenon which is unique to the competitive athlete is widespread despite the lack of convincing evidence that anabolic steroids increase muscular strength. The vast extent(More)
The increasing use of monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) for disease diagnosis and therapy has created a class of patients at risk for systematic error in clinical testing due to interference by human anti-murine antibodies (HAMA). HAMA interference is often difficult to detect and can cause either an increase or a decrease in apparent concentrations of antigen(More)
We have characterized the human immune response against murine monoclonal antibodies (HAMA) in 18 patients following administration of the F(ab')2 fragment of the murine monoclonal antibody OC125. OC125 is directed against the CA125 antigen, present on the surface of many human ovarian cancers. An affinity matrix was used to separate serum into(More)
Pink-pigmented facultative methylotrophic bacteria (PPFMs) are associated with the roots, leaves and seeds of most terrestrial plants and utilize volatile C(1) compounds such as methanol generated by growing plants during cell division. PPFMs have been well studied in agricultural systems due to their importance in crop seed germination, yield, pathogen(More)
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